Whole House

Thinking of remodeling? Have you purchased a home?


Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices out there for products. You’ve come to the right place.  By hiring the right Interior Decorator, you can save time and money – and still have the home of your dreams.

You may have purchased a new home, or are in the process of remodeling one in which you currently live.  How will your furniture, draperies, art and accessories look in the new space?

If your new home is larger, for instance, your furniture and art may suddenly look lost in the big rooms.  It can be a simple process to bring the room together and create a more intimate look – one in which there is balance and symmetry.

You may have furniture that was nice 20 years ago, but it is a Colonial style and your newly remodeled home is Mid-Century Modern. We can assess what will work and what won’t.

Sometimes, adding door casement molding or crown molding can really make a home look beautifully finished. Small details matter – and I’ll  make certain we don’t overlook those.

In whole-house decorating, we’ll look at each room individually, as well as how it works as a whole- so moving from one room to another generates a feeling of harmony and proportion.

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