Shopping Assistance

Save money and frustration by letting me take you shopping.

Color, texture and aesthetics are crucial to consider, along with your lifestyle.  From finding the perfect light fixture for your dining room, to deciding which flooring fits your family, I’ll help guide you through the maze of choices – while respecting your budget.

Shopping for tile, granite, furniture, art, and all the other items that go into a home gets quickly overwhelming. There are literally thousands of choices in light fixtures alone!  By shopping with you, I can save you hours of wasted time.


I take the time to visit your home, listen to you describe your lifestyle and taste. I’ll get to know the style you want, and your budget.  Rather than spend days looking at every light fixture ever manufactured, I will narrow the field to those which fit your space, enhance the look of your home, and are within the amount you wish to spend.  You will still have a number of choices and  I’ll offer my professional opinion – you simply won’t have to wade through all those items that won’t work to get to those that do.

The same is true for every area of your home.  From furniture you can’t wait to use, to accessories that are perfect for each room, I’ll turn the experience from one of dismay and overwhelm to one that is enjoyable and productive.

It’s easy!  Simply call me for a consultation and we can start.

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