New Construction

I can work with your Architect and Contractor during the design stages to ensure your plans will best showcase the look you want to achieve.  Details are my specialty – from lighting to paint, counter tops to plumbing fixtures, furniture to window treatments – I can help you do it right the first time.


Often, clients have a difficult time envisioning a three-dimensional home from a set of blueprints.  The architect and contractor tell you that you must make decisions regarding finish materials, and do so in a timely manner.  The construction of your home can be delayed by the absence of decisions in some instances.  Take bathrooms, for example: the decision to use a pedestal sink rather than an under mount sink in a cabinet must be made before the plumbing goes in the wall. If you wait until this is done, it can result in a costly change-order.

The placement of electrical outlets and lighting wiring should be decided early – long before the sheet rock is installed.  Time must be allowed for building custom cabinets; granite must be fabricated (edges chosen and cut, templates made and under mount cuts finished) which takes time.  Knowing what kind of sinks and back splashes you intend to use affect the end result and needs to be decided upon early to avoid last minute changes.

Does your choice of cabinet wood species complement the colors in your granite?  Are you installing radiant heat flooring but now want carpeting instead of hardwood? (Radiant works best with hardwood or tile – carpeting doesn’t allow the heat to penetrate as well) Is the flooring you want conducive to life with pets? Is your furniture too large for the room in which it will live?  Will your window coverings function as you hope or will they not allow enough natural light in?   Even your choice of cabinet and drawer pulls can enhance or detract from the look of your home.

Your choice of classical style versus the latest trends can also be dictated by how long you plan to live in your home.  If you are going to stay a long time, choose what you love.  If you plan to stay in your home only a few years, you may want to make choices which will enable you to more easily sell when the time comes.

Do you want to use ‘green’ or more sustainable materials in your home?  Knowing which hold up under everyday living, which have longevity, and which are truly ‘green’ can make your decision process easier.

By answering these questions and more before you make those all-important purchases, you ensure the results will be everything you envisioned – and more. I can help you with each of the dozens of decisions you must make – and make the experience stress-free and fun.

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