My Process

Do you hope for a decorator who actually listens to you?  You have come to the right place.  

I will collaborate with you to ensure  you get the look you hope for.  We will spend time in your home talking about your lifestyle and taste.  Decorating should work for you – it should be more than simply beautiful – it needs to function seamlessly in your everyday life.

Whether I come to your home, or you choose my ‘CyberDesign’ feature, you can be assured you will have my complete attention.  Although some processes can vary depending on the package you choose, here’s a list of services I provide:

  • I will come to your home (or, in the case of CyberDesign, review your pictures) and spend time getting to know you, your lifestyle, favorite colors, shapes and textures, etc.
  • I’ll take into account the architecture of your home and those items you plan to keep.
  • We will discuss options and I’ll ask a series of questions to determine what style(s) work best for you.
  • I will give you ideas and suggestions about how to achieve the look you want.
  • We will shop  – either in person or online.  You will benefit from my knowledge of vendors and competitive pricing.  In many instances, it may take several shopping adventures for us to find those ‘perfect’ pieces.
  • We’ll put it all together in a way that celebrates your life and feels like ‘home’ to you – a place you can let your hair down and relax in comfort, a place in which you’ll be proud to entertain friends and family, a place you’d rather be than anywhere else.

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