Home Staging

Are you planning on selling your home?

I can help you stage it so it appeals to buyers in your home’s price range and style.  Increasing the appeal to your prospective buyers- decorating so they can envision themselves in your home – can dramatically increase showings and get you to the sale faster.

Home staging can make all the difference in selling your home.  Together, we’ll take a look at your home from the prospects’ point of view.  By eliminating clutter, and choosing a few key pieces of furniture, art and accessories, we’ll transform your home into something people will want to spend a lot more time  in.

De-cluttering makes your home appear larger.  Grouping key pieces of furniture into ‘conversational areas’ makes your prospect see just how inviting the room could be.

Perhaps an alcove isn’t in use, but might make a nice office nook in a buyer’s perspective. We can re-purpose a few items and let them see how the space might work for them.  Moving a comfortable chair and lamp into a vacant corner can create a lovely reading area.

Sometimes painting a wall or a room in a warmer, more neutral color can make your home more appealing to a prospect.  We can combine that with some directional lighting to bring focus to a particularly nice architectural detail in your home. Removing heavy draperies, and replacing with soft shades can greatly enhance the expansive feeling of a room and let light in.

Just a few focal pieces of art, which aren’t personal, can really tie a room together.  Removing the personal pieces, and replacing them (often with items you already have) with more generic art, can allow your prospective buyer to feel more ‘at home’.  Most often, art is hung too high on the wall.  By choosing focal pieces and moving them to eye level, your home becomes more intimate.

Of course, these are just a few of the items we’ll look at together when getting your home ready to sell. The process can feel surprisingly easy and you’ll love the results!

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