Why should I hire an Interior Decorator?

A Certified Interior Decorator® has the knowledge and experience to visualize your concept and ensure that the work is carried out to your satisfaction.  When I work with you, my allegiance is to you – to make certain your lifestyle, needs and taste are respected and represented.

What occurs during an initial consultation?

During an initial consultation, I will meet with you to determine your needs and desires for the project.  I’ll pay close attention to your lifestyle and taste. We will discuss your budget and priorities.  I will give you some ideas to consider, along with an estimated cost and timeline.  Please see ‘packages’ for more information on my initial consultation and fees.

I only want to re-decorate one room.  Will you do this?

Certainly!  I can help you with any size project.  Whether you are decorating your first home, updating a room, or building your dream home, I can help you from concept to completion.  Many of my clients began with one room and were so pleased with the results that they returned to do more.

 As a part of ‘greening’ my life and impact on the environment, I want to be sure my home reflects my environmentally conscious lifestyle.  How can you help me do this?

Together we’ll look at your design and determine how to make it fit your lifestyle.  There are many green products available now which are not only beautiful, but have longevity and perform well.

I’m thinking of remodeling my whole house.  When should I consult with you on the decorating?

As early in the process as possible.  I can help you avoid costly mistakes by working with you to create a design that reflects you and your taste – from the start.

We’ve recently downsized to a smaller home.  Many of our furnishings and accessories simply look too large for the rooms now.  What can you do to help?

This is a common issue as ‘baby boomers’ begin to downsize in order to enjoy a less cumbersome life.  Often, I can help you to choose those furnishings you really love and weed out those that simply no longer work.  Seldom do we have to start over with all new furnishings and accessories; we’ll work together to make your new home even more beautiful than your previous one.

My husband and I are getting older, and have decided to stay in our home as long as possible.  With our increasing physical limitations, our current arrangement is creating some difficulty. Can you help make our home safer but still beautiful?

This is an issue becoming more common as our population ages.  Some things that worked for many years may now create a potential hazard for a home’s occupants.  I can help by creating easier access to the items you use most often; eliminating free-standing items that might be in the way, while considering aesthetics that appeal to you.  Your home, beautifully appointed – only safer and easier to manage.

How do your Cyber-Design services work?

Very much like my regular design services – only from a distance.  I have created a series of questions and procedures which are easy to follow, and give me all the information I’ll need to make your home both efficient and beautiful.  For more information, please see my Cyber-Design page.

I really want my home to reflect my personal taste.  How can I get that ‘wow’ look but still have it be mine?

Listening is one of the most important skills I possess.  I will take the time to learn what you love, what your tastes are in terms of color, texture and design, and put it together to give it the impact you want.

I have a modest budget.  Can you still help me make my home look beautiful?

Of course you can!  It is a common misconception that a beautifully decorated home must be expensive.  I will work within your budget to give you the design you will love.  Sometimes this can mean re-purposing items to save money.  Even a very limited budget can include several key ‘focus’ pieces which will give you that ‘wow’ factor.

Some of the home stores offer ‘free design help’.  Why should I pay a decorator when I can get it for free?

Very few home store employees are certified interior decorators.  The majority may have taken a course or two, but they may not have the knowledge and experience you need for your project.  Keep in mind also that they are there to represent their employer – and sell you only items from their store.  A Certified Interior Decorator represents only you – the client.

What should I have at our first meeting for my project?

  • Think about the colors, textures, styles and effects that appeal to you
  • Should your project be formal, traditional, casual or contemporary?
  • Know how you want the room or home to function when finished
  • Be clear on your lifestyle needs and objectives
  • Have a budget in mind and be clear with your decorator what you want to spend