Decorating Ideas



This kitchen was designed to be light, bright, and airy. It has great architectural interest and an uninhibited view of the dining room. The colors on the ceiling and soffit are warm and soften the kitchen, while mirroring those used in the dining room.



Living Room

The use of contrasting but complementary colors in this room create a pleasing ambience. The white trim and fireplace surround look clean and bright next to the rich cocoa brown of the walls. The ‘light and dark’ theme of this room is used throughout to add cohesive symmetry. The light sofa is contained by the dark end table and coffee table. The lamp is grounded with its dark base but allowed to expand by the use of a light shade. Light artwork is surrounded and enhanced by dark frames. The hickory flooring is gorgeous and adds a warm touch with horizontal patterning. Even though the room is fairly large, there is a comfortable area for intimate conversation or simply reading a good book.



Living Room

Great use of tranquil color in this room. The dark moss green walls bring out the lovely softer green tone-on-tone in the sofa pillows. The dark wood coffee table and dining table contrast beautifully with the light-neutral carpeting and white trim of the crown molding, door casement, fireplace surround and window frames. The decorator used a white ceiling to emphasize the height of the room.

The antique painted piano lends a perfect balance to the size and scale of the room, and hints at the wall color without looking as if it was intentional.



Living Room

The green and gold walls warm the space in this room, yet create a softness that is serene and relaxing. The cream wing back chairs mirror the formal fireplace surround, adding light and cohesiveness to the room. The artwork draws your attention while tying in the browns and muted oranges of the pillows and sofa. The wispy arrangement on the mantel creates softness, as well as adding texture while in keeping with the overall accent colors.





The light tones of the flooring, bedding and dresser are brought to the forefront by dark window casings, bed and matting in the pictures over the bed.  The walls and ceiling are neutral and light, which allows the architectural features of the room to shine.





The Soaking Tub is the centerpiece and focal point of this bathroom, with rich dark wood cabinets creating a nice contrast against the light tile flooring and tumbled marble tub skirt.  The warm tones are again picked up in the bronze faucets , brown tones in the granite, and vase on the tub surround.

The beveled edge of the tub deck softens the stone, floral arrangement on the tub surround adds nice color and a softer feeling, colored towels add warmth with a splash of color.