Cyber Design

Do you live too far away to meet with me? Perhaps you prefer to get advice online? Don’t worry – I have designed a system that will resolve your decorating dilemmas- and you can access it from the comfort of your favorite chair!

Room-by-Room Decorating:  A  solution-based cyber session created to give you the expertise, insight and knowledge of a Professional Decorator and the peace of mind. Here is how it works:

  • Email me or send me a message on my Facebook page Michelle’s Interior Decorating.
  • Send me photos and/or a videos of the area you are needing advice on.
  • I’ll will get back to you with specific recommendations in writing.
  • I can help with any of the following:
  1.   Wall color, flooring, cabinets & counter
  2.    Color  scheme and fabrics
  3.    Furniture and placement
  4.   Window coverings, lighting, rugs
  5.   Accessories, pictures and plants

Start with only one room! 

Begin your Cyber-Design journey with only one room. If you are happy with the results, you can add additional rooms. Click Here for decorating ideas.

Cyber “Quickie”

Would you like expert advice but don’t need the full report?  Perhaps you simply need help choosing which granite to use in your kitchen, or you are shopping for a couch and want to know what size will work best in your space.

(The Cyber-Quickie doesn’t include shopping information, photos, samples or written recommendations.)

Additional Cyber Services:

  • Assist you by shopping online
  • Consult on selections
  • Provide specific solutions to your decorating problems

Ready to begin? Click here to contact me and begin.