Living Room

The use of contrasting but complementary colors in this room create a pleasing ambience.  The white trim and fireplace surround look clean and bright next to the rich cocoa brown of the walls.  The ‘light and dark’ theme of this room is used throughout to add cohesive symmetry.  The light sofa is contained by the dark end table and coffee table.  The lamp is grounded with its dark base but allowed to expand by the use of a light shade.  Light artwork is surrounded and enhanced by dark frames.  The hickory flooring is gorgeous and adds a warm touch with horizontal patterning.  Even though the room is fairly large, there is a comfortable area for intimate conversation or simply reading a good book.

I would add a third color to this room to give it more ‘life’.  A rust color or even a rich gold or teal would really liven up the room when added to the area rug, a vase on the mantel and accent pillows.  The accessories appear a bit small for the room, and would give greater dimension and interest if they were a bit larger.